All you need to know is included inside this article Apple’s Mac computers were instrumental in kicking off the personal computer revolution in the 1980s. The iPod and iTunes completely transformed the music industry in the 2000s. With the iPhone in the late 2000s, Apple launched the smartphone industry. The iPad and Apple Watch are also market leaders in tablets and smartwatches, respectively. More recently, Cupertino CEO Tim Cook and his team went after Netflix, one of the most successful internet companies ever. Apple TV Plus (formally referred to as “Apple TV+”) was used to do this.

Because Apple has another product available named the Apple TV (no Plus), which is a piece of set-top box hardware, getting your mind around Apple TV Plus may be a little difficult. Apple TV Plus, on the other hand, is a unique platform that takes a unique approach to establishing a streaming library.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is the company’s premium subscription streaming service, which competes with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and others. Except for marketing for content and add-on streaming services within Apple TV Plus, it is fully ad-free. The platform includes a slew of original series and films produced by Apple’s Originals division.

This expands on Apple’s current Apple TV, which is a set-top streaming box that also offers access to other streaming services. The idea is that you can consolidate all of your streaming services into one location rather than remembering several accounts and passwords.

Because we understand that there are a lot of services and products that fall under the Apple TV banner, here’s a breakdown of the three:

Apple TV :is a product made by Apple Inc. A set-top box that lets you stream media from providers like iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, and others. There are two types available right now, one for HD and one for 4K. The Apple TV app is available on both models.

Apple TV app: free software that acts as a center for content from a variety of streaming services, including Apple TV Plus. Individual subscriptions to certain channels, as well as movie rentals and purchases, are also possible. The Apple TV set-top box comes with the app pre-installed.

Apple TV Plus : is a Netflix-style subscription service that includes Apple Originals, which are shows and films created by and/or for Apple.

Where can I get Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus is available in 107 different countries. It isn’t accessible in every nation where the Apple TV app is supported. This covers nations with large populations, such as South Korea, Romania, Turkey, and others.

Apple, on the other hand, has vowed that every Apple Original would be subtitled or dubbed (or both) in over 40 different languages. Closed captions will be available on all titles for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Is Apple TV Plus expensive?

In the United States, Apple TV Plus is $4.99 a month with a seven-day trial. A $49.99 yearly subscription option is also available. All Apple Originals are unlocked with this cost; however additional Apple TV Channel subscriptions must be purchased individually.