What are the Academy Awards, and what do they mean?

The Academy Awards, or Oscars, are the most important honour in the American and international cinema industries, having been given out since 1929. In 1953, at the 25th annual award ceremony, the awards were aired for the first time.

Within the film business, the awards are divided into 24 categories. Best Movie, Leading Actor/Actress, Makeup and Hairstyles, Director, Editing, Music, Sound Editing, and Original Screenplay are just a few of the prize categories available. It is held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), a 6,000-member organization comprised of film industry professionals such as actors, directors, and producers.

The AMPAS is divided into parts, and each sector votes on the nominees. The best picture category, on the other hand, is voted on by the full academy.

Oscar 2022

On Sunday, the 94th Academy Awards were hosted at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, with “CODA,” a deaf family drama, taking home best picture honors for the first time, giving Hollywood’s top prize to a streaming service.

This year’s Oscars event was jam-packed with action and numerous firsts, from Will Smith punching Chris Rock for making jokes about his wife to an Apple TV+ film receiving an Oscar for best movie.


The Institute of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members can only nominate and vote on the winners. The nominations are picked by the members of the branch, since a film production is separated into numerous branches for its creation. The full academy panel nominates and votes to determine which film is best.


In 1953, the Academy Award ceremony was aired for the first time in the United States, and in 1969, it was shown worldwide. It is regarded as a big event in the global film industry, with millions of people watching it.

Red carpet interviews and speeches became a staple of the event as it grew in popularity.


Cedric Gibbons, the art director of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, was responsible for the design of the prize statue. It was originally constructed of bronze with gold plating, but because to a metal scarcity during World War II, it was eventually replaced with plastic. The sculptures are now constructed of gold-plated britannium and weigh 3.8 kg.

The exact origin of the moniker “Oscar” has never been established, as there are several myths associated with diverse sources.

What is the origin of the Oscar name?

The most common explanation, which is universally accepted by AMPAS authorities, dates from 1931. According to legend, when Margaret Herrick, an Academy Awards librarian, first saw the golden statuette, she remarked that the blank face and stern eyebrow reminded her of her Uncle Oscar. According to Levy’s book “The History and Politics of the Academy Awards,” after Herrick’s remark, “employees have lovingly called their iconic trophy ‘Oscar.'” However, the name “Oscar” was first used in reference to the Academy Awards in 1934 by columnist Sidney Skolsky, who referred to the prize as a “Oscar” in a 1934 New York Daily News story.